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Who we are?   Nada Collective is a group of people based mainly in the Netherlands. Our roots come from electronic music and especially the electric guitar. Our musical influences come form rock, hard rock and metal but also from ambient and electronic music. Deep down in the hearts of some members we are gitarists experimenting with electronic music.

What's our goal?   Essentially Nada. This does not mean we're fatalists but fun in making music is our first value. We just want you to enjoy it. Nada Collective stands for a way of life where fun in doing and learning while wandering around the route is a key point. Work together to accomplish a goal that is at least also right in our hearts. Nada Collective is about the freedom to create and think from nothing to start with. So free your mind and enjoy. If you like our way of thinking join us.

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La Sjay

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Kichu Nā

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New releases ; )


Nada Collective - Bedroom Noises

Bedroom Noises


Nada Collective - Memories Of Earth

Memories Of Earth

Next year it has been 50 years ago that a man stood on the moon. We imagine what Neil Armstrong thought when he saw the earth from that point...

JULY 2018

Nada Collective - Bern Und Basel

Bern Und Basel

Bern und Basel: two cities of a country that is the heimat of Yello.
Please take me there...

JULY 2018

Nada Collective - Smoking In The Sun

Smoking In The Sun

JULY 2018

Nada Collective - Change Of The Season

Change Of The Season

JULY 2018

Nada Collective - The Hyper Feedback Engine

The Hyper Feedback Engine

JULY 2018

Nada Collective - 18 Seconds

18 Seconds (ft. Lorenz)

Our first collaboration with Lorenz. We're looking foreward for more. More guitars to come.
Thanks Lorenz.

JUNE 2018

Nada Collective - The Last Monday

The Last Monday (ft. Acidpro)

Everybody hates Mondays!
It took us a while but finally we can announce you we abolished mondays. Let's celebrate the last Monday ever. Weeks start with Thuesday from now.
Problem solved.
Thanks to Acidpro for his sample.

JUNE 2018

Nada Collective - Pitch Me Up Baby

Pitch Me Up Baby

We can enhance you, we have the technology! This song is about the sometimes thin line between women and witches.

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